Mythstories’ collection of beautiful objects from around the world that can be used to tell stories, and new storytelling objects commissioned from skilled artists and craftworkers is being digitized and dispersed during 2022.

The museum was housed in the University Centre Shrewsbury at Guildhall, Frankwell Quay, Shrewsbury from 2019. It spent the previous 18 years at The Morgan Library in Wem, North Shropshire and originally opened to the public in February 1999 at Carnarvon Lane in Shrewsbury.

Gallery Guides

How the collection was displayed at UCS.

Staff Training – CPD

Immersive and thought provoking sessions.

“Really enjoyable. Always had a smile on my face. Love storytelling – thank you!”

“How well science and myth can be combined when enthusiastically and entertainingly presented – excellent!”

“Friendly + something for everyone. Learnt a new story + more about the world we live in.”

“Great fun + entertaining as well as educational. Thank you. X”