Mythstories museum was founded as a website in June 1998, and then opened as a ‘real world’ museum on February 14th 1999. The concept was new and was quickly hailed as a “World First” by the BBC and The British Tourist Board.

“The World’s First Story Museum” had no precedents to follow, and over the twenty plus years of existence had the opportunity to define itself and explore how to amass a collection of artefacts that told the stories of its intangible collection of traditional tales.

Below you will be able to explore posts covering the key artefacts that made up the Mythstories Collection and find out where they are now!

Most are together here on this ‘on-line museum’ for people who never made it to Mythstories museum of myth and fable in person.

Three Folk-tales from India

Mouse Tiger acrylic painting by Dez Quarrell

The Romany Gypsy Storytelling Wagon

Bertilak & Morgan Processional Giants

Auca, a 17th Century Catalan Comic Strip

16 Canvas Panels of King Arthur’s Shropshire

Nine Acrylic Paintings of Shropshire Myths

5 Prints of Shropshire Stories by Joseph Scrobb

A constellation of exhibits on Wild Edric of the Stiperstones

Riverturtle is not singing

Traces of the Tudors Story Creation

Moreton Corbet Castle game

Grace Hallworth’s Collection of Dolls of many Nations

John Knox, one of Grace Hallworth's Dolls

Mary, ‘The King of the Fairies’ & the Welsh Pedlar

The King of the Fairies and Mary on display at Mythstories museum, Wem

Flying Donkeys Screen & Cartoons

Flying Donkeys Cartoons at UCS

“Who Tells Stories?” 2-D display

Queen's Parlour Cave awaiting stories

Gilgamesh in 2 paintings & 8 clay tablets

The snake sheds its skin

The Mythstories / Society for Storytelling Library

Library shelves at Mythstories museum, The Morgan Library, Wem 2003

The Victorian Wellington Storybox

Victorian Wellington Storybox

the Khavad, Kavad or Kaavad

How Ganesh got his elephant head

Elephant Charging at UCS

The Secrets of Herbs photo-story

A cluster of Russian Folk-Art

Palekh Box

“Shining Threads” Textile Tales

Artefacts for Customs & Festivals

Krishna stories – Two paintings


Ola Palm Books or Dashavatara

Mata ni pachedi (Temple Cloth)

image of Khodiyar Maa from temple cloth

The Ramayana Constellation

The Canadian Stories Constellation

Wayang Golek Puppet from Java

Yama, God of Death & Justice

The Wondertale Maker

Rainforest Constellation

Scroll of the 8 Immortals

The Kebra Nagast story cloth

The Egyptian Constellation

The Kotura Enamel Nested-Box

Mount Pleasant Primary School Mini Storytelling Museum

The Raven Artbox & Shropshire Craft Box by Andy Hazell

‘La Historia de Juana’ on a Peruvian story gourd

Replica Hahoetal Mask From South Korea

The Welsh Kamishibai

The Story Pat from Bengal

The Coyolxauhqui Jigsaw

The Pre-Inca God of the Portal

3 Carefully Crafted Creations

Puppets and Marionettes

The Himalayan Constellation

3 takes on Red Riding Hood

Maori Artefacts



The Unicorn

You may also be interested in the ‘in the media’ page.

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