Mythstories museum was founded as a website in June 1998, and then opened as a ‘real world’ museum on February 14th 1999. The concept was new and was quickly hailed as a “World First” by the BBC and The British Tourist Board.

“The World’s First Story Museum” had no precedents to follow, and over the twenty plus years of existence had the opportunity to define itself and explore how to amass a collection of artefacts that told the stories of its intangible collection of traditional tales.

Below you will be able to explore posts covering the key artefacts that made up the Mythstories Collection and find out where they are now!

They remain together here on this page for people who never made it to Mythstories museum of myth and fable.

Gallery Guides

How the collection was displayed at UCS.

The Romany Gypsy Storytelling Wagon

Bertilak & Morgan Processional Giants

Auca, a 17th Century Catalan Comic Strip

16 Canvas Panels of King Arthur’s Shropshire

Nine Acrylic Paintings of Shropshire Myths

5 Prints of Shropshire Stories by Joseph Scrobb

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