Mythstories museum recognised the important role puppetry plays in certain forms of storytelling across the world in both exhibits and events. Occasionally the two merged as when Georges Vetters of Li Teyate Dèl Clignète of Liège took part in Mythstories’ and Puppetlink’s 2006 Festival, “Microcosmos” in 2006.

Georges brought his Marionette Theatre from Leige in Belgium to perform stories of Tchantchès (the Belgian equivalent of our Mr Punch) in The Morgan Library, Wem and presented the museum with a model Tchantchès Marionette for the Mythstories Collection.

Tunisian Lady
Tunisian Soldier

The Tchantchès Marionette was displayed in the museum alongside Puppets and Marionettes from India, Tunisia and Czechoslovakia donated to the Mythstories by ex-headteacher Jude Willerton and storyteller Amy Douglas.

Indian Lady
Indian Snake Charmer

Visitors were encouraged to try their hand at puppetry, but strings can often get into a frustrating tangle so there were a good number of finger puppets available courtesy again of Jude Willerton.

Another firm favourite with our younger visitors was the last element of this display a set of regal pencils acquired by Mythstories from English Heritage’s Beeston Castle Shop. Many a love story of a Royal romance was acted out by the five characters below.

For those with a special interest in this area, puppets were also featured in the museum as part of the following displays…