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The Secrets of Herbs

A Celtic Legend shows why it is so difficult to discover the secrets of herbs medicinal uses.

The Unicorn

How a unicorn can pose a classic dilemma and the woodcutter’s solution.


What is your idea of a fairy?


Do or did dragons exist? We were certain when we were presented with these dragon droppings.

Maori Artefacts

View a range of Maori storytelling artefacts from New Zealand.

3 takes on Red Riding Hood

Explore a selection of artefacts devised to help children act out this classic story.

The Himalayan Constellation

Four fascinating artefacts from the Nepal and Tibet.

Puppets and Marionettes

See the puppets that featured in Mythstories museum displays and events.

3 carefully crafted creations

Three museum exhibits made by work experience students while at Mythstories museum.

The God of the Portal

Every museum needs some security, Mythstories museum employed a pre-Inca God to guard its doors.

The Coyolxauhqui Jigsaw

How an eleven piece wooden jigsaw of an archaeological discovery in Mexico City became a key storytelling artefact at Mythstories museum.

The Story Pat from Bengal

The Story Pat tradition in Bengal dates back over nine hundred years and is still vibrant today.

The Welsh Kamishibai

How Mythstories merged a Japanese artform with Welsh stories to inspire reluctant readers.

Replica Hahoetal Mask From South Korea

One of the museum’s smallest exhibits which opened our eyes to an amazing Korean tradition.

Story Gourd from Peru

Shake it and the seeds will rattle like a maraca attracting an audience so you can tell this sad Peruvian tale.

Automata by Andy Hazell

The Raven Artbox and The Shropshire Craft Box, two automata by Andy Hazell, held some visitors spellbound, while others just couldn’t stop turning the handles.

The Kotura Enamel Nested-Box

A commissioned artefact to tell “three brother / three sister stories”. Share in the process of its creation.

The Egyptian Constellation

Three different displays at three different sites. How Mythstories highlighted Egyptian stories in their galleries.

The Kebra Negast

A traditional Ethiopian story cloth used to tell the story of King Soloman and the Queen of Sheba.

Scroll of the 8 Immortals

A scroll depicting eight Chinese superheroes always fascinated visitors to the real life museum, not least for the story of the 8th immortal, Zhang Guo Lao.

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