This small replica Hahoetal mask of Yangban the aristocrat, was gifted to Mythstories museum in 2008 by the South Korean cultural mission. They accompanied a camera crew who filmed the museum as part of a world-wide fact-finding mission before establishing a Hahoe Mask Museum which is now to be found in Andong.

Hahoetal masks are the traditional Korean masks worn in the Hahoe Pyolshin-gut t’al nori ceremony, which dates back to the 12th century. They represent the stock characters needed to perform the roles in the ritual dance dramas included in the ceremony. The masks are considered to be among of the most beautiful and well known images representing Korean culture and the Government have named them a “National Treasure”.

The ten major characters and their masks areā€¦

Imae: A Fool

Ch’oraengi: The Hasty Scatterbrained Meddler

Kaksi : The Bride

Chuji : The Lion

Paekchong : The Butcher

Halmi : The Old Widow

Chung : The Depraved Buddhist Monk

Yangban : The Aristocrat

Sonbi : The Scholar

Pune : The Flirtatious Young Woman

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