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Little Pick Handle

An African tale dealing with magical transformations.

The Fox’s Knob

A North Shropshire tale from Hawkstone of a brave old fox and hunting dogs. With Key Stage 2 activities, background facts and a song.

The Disappearing City

A story from Wroxeter, explaining why the nearby Roman city of Viroconium became a ruin. With Key Stage 2 activities and discussion points, background facts and a song.

The Treasure Of Stokesay

A story from South Shropshire about giants and their treasure. With background facts, Key Stage 2 activities and a song.

Robin Hood’s Arrow

The story of Robin Hood’s only visit to Ludlow. With background facts French translations and Key Stage 2 activities and a song.

Lost in the Flood

A story from the time of the Romans in Britain that links the creation of Bomere Pool to the Roman city of Viroconium and Caer Caradoc, near Church Stretton. With KS2 activities, interesting facts and a song.

Edric and the Stiperstones

The story of Wild Edric, an 11th Century warrior lord whose spirit lives on in the South Shropshire hills. With a video performance of the fairy tale, audio reminiscences from local residents, KS2 activities, facts and local folklore and a song.

And The Water Gushed Forth

One of the stories of the late 7th Century Saint, Milburga Abbess of Wenlock. With background facts, Key Stage 2 activities and a song.

The Giant and the Cobbler

The story of how The Wrekin hill was made by a giant. With background facts, French translations, Key Stage 2 activities and a song.

Mitchell’s Fold

A story about a famine, a cow and a witch that pre-dates the coming of Christianity to Shropshire. With background facts, Key Stage 2 activities and a song.

Why Flies Buzz

Ever wondered why the average fly is not a gifted raconteur? The answer is only a click away in this African traditional tale.

Elephant Girls

Can girls be turned into elephants? And if they can is it possible for them to become girls again? Your questions are answered in this short story.


Two paintings from Mythstories collection honouring the Hindu God Krishna.

Bharata and the Fawn

The Hindu tale of a King, who became a hermit, a deer and nearly a human sacrifice.

Sure, Sure Archer

An Indian folktale about how a man so intent on proving himself greater than everyone else learnt a valuable lesson.

Skunk has found a new home

A bonus Tante Odette tale of a ‘turnaround Tuesday’ with baking made difficult!

the tale of John Roberts

A tale from the Welsh Kamishibai with sinister Welsh fairies where bird song develops a deeper complexity.

the tale of John Gethin

A tale from the Welsh Kamishibai with devils and magic and a gory ending.

How Ganesh got his elephant head

The story of how an elephant gladly parted with his head to a much loved God.

The Magic Carpet / Y Carped Hud

The Montgomeryshire folktale “The Magic Carpet”, in English and Welsh. Two written precis’ and finger paintings of Rhonabwy’s dream.

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