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photo of 3 acrylic paintings by Dez Quarrell

Mythstories is a charity working with traditional tales. Here you will find some of our favourites, together with ideas for story-based activities for families, groups of children or whole classes. You can find out more about our museum and the artefacts it holds, and about Mythstories' storytelling events and outreach projects.

Mythstories is Where Words Work. Explore and enjoy.

Educational Resources

photos of making activities

Storytelling is an effective tool that can be used across the curriculum, not just in English. Here you will find tried and tested resources that will work in your classroom, They can be easily adapted for small or large groups and many are equally suitable for home educators.

The Museum

Bertilak and Morgan at University Centre Shrewsbury, Guildhall

Mythstories collects beautiful objects from around the world that can be used to tell stories, and commissions new storytelling objects from skilled artists and craftworkers. The collection can be seen in the halls and corridors of University Centre Shrewsbury's Guildhall campus. Our large library focuses on traditional tales and their uses. You are welcome to come, read the volumes and view the objects during University public opening hours.

Latest Posts

let’s create at home – Kamishibai

A Creativity Challenge to make a kamishibai to accompany the retelling of the Welsh tale of “The House With The Front Door On The Back”.

let’s create at home – A Story Apron for Simon and Nellie

A Creativity Challenge to make a Story Apron to accompany the retelling of the Shrewsbury tale of Simon & Nellie, the expert bakers of Longden Coleham.

Be an online curator

How you can curate your own group of artworks and share them with the world at artuk.org.

Zoom Away With Words

Away With Words the storytelling club for 11 to 16 year olds who want to practice and improve their telling skills is going on-line from April 2021

let’s create at home – Story Mat for Bufeo Colorado

A Creativity Challenge to make a Story Mat to accompany the retelling of the Rainforest story “Bufeo Colorado”, the shapeshifting pink river dolphin.

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