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Mythstories is a charity working with traditional tales. Here you will find some of our favourites, together with ideas for story-based activities for families, groups of children or whole classes.

Mythstories is Where Words Work. Explore and enjoy.

Educational Resources

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Storytelling is an effective tool that can be used across the curriculum, not just in English. Here you will find tried and tested resources that will work in your classroom, They can be easily adapted for small or large groups and many are equally suitable for home educators.

Mythstories Art UK Shop

Framed Talking Cat Print and Loyalist Cow cushions from Art UK shop

You can add style and beauty to your school, home or office and support Mythstories' educational work by visiting the Mythstories Art UK Shop. There are framed or unframed prints of Dez Quarréll's artworks, a range of customised gifts for the home and art materials to inspire young artists.

Latest Posts

The Mythstories / Society for Storytelling Library

Every storytelling museum needs a library read all about the one created in Mythstories museum.

Grace Hallworth’s Dolls

Trinidadian Storyteller Grace Hallworth told stories all around the World. Can you tell some of the Countries she performed in by the costumes of the dolls she acquired there?

Mary, ‘The King of the Fairies’ & the Welsh Pedlar

Why were two intricate dolls, a gnome disguised as a Fairy King and a folded piece of paper to be found at Mythstories?

The Epic of Gilgamesh: 2 paintings & 8 clay tablets

The epic of Gilgamesh was re-discovered on clay tablets in the 19th Century, here’s how it was depicted in Mythstories museum in the 21st Century.

Who Tells Stories?

Posters, photographs and a cross-stitch embroidery giving some answers to the question, “Who Tells Stories?”

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