Stories come in small boxes as this modern version of a German matchbox theatre donated to Mythstories by storyteller Fiona Collins shows.

Little Red is having a chat with Granny unaware of the rotter, Big Bad who’s lurking behind a tree. Hopefully the last surprise will be sprung upon that dastardly wolf as the woodcutter is busy sharpening his axe close by.

With its wooden lid doubling as the stage apron, and the bottom of the box reversible; slotting in and out to change scene from a rustic interior to the deep, dark woods; this little theatre is incredibly versatile, ready for any twists and turns to unfold in the telling of the story.

3 dolls in 1 – Little Red Riding Hood, Granny and a very evil looking Big Bad Wolf.

Dating back to the 1960’s these popular “topsy-turvy” dolls were regularly used in storytimes in schools and libraries.

We had two in our collection, donated by Amy Douglas (storyteller) and Jude Willerton (former headteacher).

The Big Bad Wolf from IKEA

The stuff that big bad dreams are made of? No!

The Big Bad Wolf has a huge appetite and a Velcro button-band to his shirt to give access to his stomach so Granny can be retrieved safe and sound. Donated by Kate Norgate and Ben Haggarty of the Crick Crack Club.

And they all lived happily ever after, or maybe not!