These three acrylic paintings by Dez Quarréll depict moral folk-tales with strong story archetypes found the world over, demonstrating the commonality of stories.

Escape from the Garden the featured image for the story of Sure, Sure Archer
“Escape from the Garden” copyright Dez Quarréll

In Escape from the Garden a wife challenges her conceited and controlling husband to go off to seek his fortune. He realises his skill is but one of many and that true contentment is in his own home.

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The mouse became a mouse-tiger
copyright Dez Quarréll

In Mouse Tiger an animal grows in size and confidence, but loses his respect for others, which proves to be his undoing.

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Bharata and the Fawn
copyright Dez Quarréll

In King Bharata and the Fawn the King becomes a hermit in the forest, but instead of devoting his life to piety becomes obsessed with a foundling fawn and has to recommence his path of learning.

These three paintings now form part of the Mount Pleasant Primary School mini storytelling museum in Shrewsbury.

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