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A Shropshire Lad Singalong

Try some karaoke to song settings of Bredon Hill, the poem by A E Housman from “A Shropshire Lad”. The three pieces of music below are by famous British composers, choose one and sing along if you can.

Tales & Trails

Your downloadable guide to picturesque storywalks in North Shropshire and South Cheshire including links to YouTube audio stories told by professional storytellers.

King Arthur’s Shropshire

A collection of some of the tales of King Arthur that are widespread in Shropshire. With a video of storyteller Jake Evan’s cycle quest visiting the sites and telling the stories.

The Talking Cat

A reworking of a Québécois folktale of a talking cat. With Key Stage 2 activities and a comic Canadian song to sing.

The White Lion of Whixall

An Arthurian tale from Whixall Moss in North Shropshire. With a video made by Key Stage 3 pupils and ideas to create your own storytelling videos.

The Blood Red Pear

The story of how a blood red pear led to a grizzly end for an Ellesmere mother. With a video made by a student and ideas to create your own storytelling videos.

La Chasse Galerie

A long winter’s trapping in the cold unforgiving lands of the north didn’t give the hardy voyageur much time for taking his ease. But at one time of day you could be sure to see a far away look come… Continue Reading →

The Old Man Becomes Young

The opening part of the story of Gilgamesh’s search for eternal life. With Key Stage 2 activities and a song.

let’s create at home – Jake’s-take on Sedna

A Creativity Challenge to make an origami kayak, draw Arctic Sea Mammals and undertake a fiendish quiz to help you tell the story of “Sedna”.

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