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Week Nine: Timing

Timing; the role of timing in storytelling, with group exercises to experiment with its impact.

Week Eight: Composition

Composition; the function of description, narrative and speech in composing a story, introducing ‘firework’ moments and a pictorial way to show the developing patterns.

Week Seven: Structure

Structure; stories have different ‘shapes’ (circular, there-and-back, nested, envelope, linear), group exercises to help identify these and use the shape so you tell the tale your own way.

Week Six: Characterization

Characterization; Whole and small group exercises to develop your characters and help your listeners distinguish between them.

Week Five: Repetition & Sequences

Repetition and Sequences; why these are an important part of oral storytelling, and opportunities to practice creating phrases help your audience listen and understand.

Week Four: Speech

Speech; group exercises to develop conversations between characters to add interest to your stories.

Week Three: Sensations

Sensations; sound, taste, emotion, sight, smell and touch. Group exercises to get all those descriptive phrases into your storytelling.

Week Two: Relocation

Relocation; reset a story in a familiar place, then turn victim into villian. Play games to generate scary words.

Week One: The Fundamentals

The Fundamentals; curating the space for your group to work in, and a visualisation exercise making a story out of a simple song.

The White Lion of Whixall

An Arthurian tale from Whixall Moss in North Shropshire. With a video made by Key Stage 3 pupils and ideas to create your own storytelling videos.

The Blood Red Pear

The story of how a blood red pear led to a grizzly end for an Ellesmere mother. With a video made by a student and ideas to create your own storytelling videos.

let’s create at home – Jake’s-take on Sedna

A Creativity Challenge to make an origami kayak, draw Arctic Sea Mammals and undertake a fiendish quiz to help you tell the story of “Sedna”.

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