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make and use a Story Sash etc.

Everything you need to make and use a Story Sash and other objects to tell circular and there and back tales in easy to use downloadable pdfs.

make and use Story Cubes

Everything you need to make and use story cubes in easy to use downloadable pdfs.

Week Twelve: Taking The Stage

Taking the Stage; using the stage to help your audience visualize the story, and a recap of the basic skills of storytelling.

Week Eleven: Gestures

Gestures; experiment with movement to help convey the story.

Week Ten: Engaging The Audience

Engaging the Audience; how to involve your audience and let it help you shape the tale.

Week Nine: Timing

Timing; the role of timing in storytelling, with group exercises to experiment with its impact.

Week Eight: Composition

Composition; the function of description, narrative and speech in composing a story, introducing ‘firework’ moments and a pictorial way to show the developing patterns.

Week Seven: Structure

Structure; stories have different ‘shapes’ (circular, there-and-back, nested, envelope, linear), group exercises to help identify these and use the shape so you tell the tale your own way.

Week Six: Characterization

Characterization; Whole and small group exercises to develop your characters and help your listeners distinguish between them.

Week Five: Repetition & Sequences

Repetition and Sequences; why these are an important part of oral storytelling, and opportunities to practice creating phrases help your audience listen and understand.

Week Four: Speech

Speech; group exercises to develop conversations between characters to add interest to your stories.

Week Three: Sensations

Sensations; sound, taste, emotion, sight, smell and touch. Group exercises to get all those descriptive phrases into your storytelling.

The Fox’s Knob

A North Shropshire tale from Hawkstone of a brave old fox and hunting dogs. With Key Stage 2 activities, background facts and a song.

The Disappearing City

A story from Wroxeter, explaining why the nearby Roman city of Viroconium became a ruin. With Key Stage 2 activities and discussion points, background facts and a song.

The Treasure Of Stokesay

A story from South Shropshire about giants and their treasure. With background facts, Key Stage 2 activities and a song.

Robin Hood’s Arrow

The story of Robin Hood’s only visit to Ludlow. With background facts French translations and Key Stage 2 activities and a song.

Lost in the Flood

A story from the time of the Romans in Britain that links the creation of Bomere Pool to the Roman city of Viroconium and Caer Caradoc, near Church Stretton. With KS2 activities, interesting facts and a song.

Edric and the Stiperstones

The story of Wild Edric, an 11th Century warrior lord whose spirit lives on in the South Shropshire hills. With a video performance of the fairy tale, audio reminiscences from local residents, KS2 activities, facts and local folklore and a song.

And The Water Gushed Forth

One of the stories of the late 7th Century Saint, Milburga Abbess of Wenlock. With background facts, Key Stage 2 activities and a song.

The Giant and the Cobbler

The story of how The Wrekin hill was made by a giant. With background facts, French translations, Key Stage 2 activities and a song.

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