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Week Four: Speech

Speech; group exercises to develop conversations between characters to add interest to your stories.

Week Three: Sensations

Sensations; sound, taste, emotion, sight, smell and touch. Group exercises to get all those descriptive phrases into your storytelling.

Week Two: Relocation

Relocation; reset a story in a familiar place, then turn victim into villian. Play games to generate scary words.

Week One: The Fundamentals

The Fundamentals; curating the space for your group to work in, and a visualisation exercise making a story out of a simple song.

Montgomeryshire Folktales

How to work with local folktales. With ideas for half day, whole day or longer projects. There are downloadable Welsh and English language versions of the stories used and lots of videos to watch.

Ellesmere Poems by Fred D’Aguiar

Award winning poet Fred D’Aguiar’s poems inspired by folk stories of Ellesmere in North Shropshire.

The Book Of Myddle

A poetic response to Richard Gough’s 1702 book of ‘Antiquities and Memories of the Parish of Myddle’ (the original soap opera).

A Shropshire Lad Singalong

Try some karaoke to song settings of Bredon Hill, the poem by A E Housman from “A Shropshire Lad”. The three pieces of music below are by famous British composers, choose one and sing along if you can.

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