One of a series of workshops for home-educators.

Try them as a family or form a group with friends on-line and share your ideas and creations as they unfold.

2 Story-Pat (Singing Scroll):

This challenge is for you to make a Story-Pat and use it to sing the story of “The Queen of the Cats”.

This Story-Pat was made by our Home Ed Group who met 11.00am / 3.00pm at University Centre Shrewsbury on 11th March 2020, and had a picnic too.

You will need large sheets of drawing paper or a roll of lining paper; pencils, paint, crayons or felt pens, a needle and thread (optional you could substitute tape or use the roll of lining paper)…

The Home Ed Group with their story-pat at UCS

So what is a Story-Pat?

It’s a singing scroll, a tradition from Bengal in India.

The scroll is used by a Patua (scroll singer).

The Patua shows the audience one picture at a time while he sings the story.

Sometimes the stories are traditional tales of gods and goddesses.
Sometimes the stories are topical news updates.

Here you can see a Patua in action with his Story-Pat…

How you decorate your scroll and chose the pictures you need is up to you. You could work together (on or off-line) doing one episode each. You don’t have to draw – you could download images from the internet or cut them out of magazines. Traditionally there is a border of flowers and leaves around each of the pictures, you could do potato prints or lino cuts for the border.

So what is the story?

We chose an African story instead of an Indian tale.

(Imagine what your Story-Pat will look like as you listen.)

So here is how the Home Ed Group made their scroll and performed with it…

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