One of a series of workshops for home-educators.

Try them as a family or form a group with friends on-line and share your ideas and creations as they unfold.

1 Story-Jars:

This challenge is for you to make a story-jar and use it to retell the story of Mrs Ellis of Ellesmere and how the lake came to be.

You will each need an empty jar to decorate (the bigger the better), card, wool, paint, glue, felt pens, bits from the garden or recycling bins…

So what is a story-jar? It’s whatever helps you tell the tale. Be Creative!

Sometimes the jar is the right way up,
sometimes the lid is on the bottom.
Sometimes all the bits are in the jar,
sometimes some are stuck to the outside.
Sometimes the jar contains reminders of all the story,
sometimes just one scene.

You can even use them as a set with characters to perform puppet shows.

How you decorate it is up to you. Use what you’ve can find in your home or garden, but make sure everyone is happy for you to use it.

So what is the story? Here’s our audio version:

(Imagine what your jar will look like as you listen.)

Here are two very different videos from “Wordscape North Shropshire”

The “Mrs Ellis” jars below were made by our Home Ed Group who met 11.00am/3.00pm on a Facebook Private Group 13th May 2020, where we shared a picnic too.

“The girls enjoyed it and it was nice for me to be prompted to do something different.”

“It was good to be involved in a ‘distant’ group, all with the same aim, and to see each other’s creations.”

and a family of three jars in various states of dress to tell the tale