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Try them as a family or form a group with friends on-line and share your ideas and creations as they unfold.

The second of two bonus Storycraft posts of two-hour activities devised and delivered by guest artists and funded by Shropshire Council.

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Sedna by Jake Evans

This challenge is for you to make an origami kayak, draw Arctic Sea Mammals and undertake a fiendish quiz to help you tell the story of “Sedna”.

You will need:

• card or paper
• pencils, pens, paints or crayons
• and a rich imagination

The Story

Planning out your story

Can you write down the parts of the story you thought were most important and why?

On the right are my seven most important moments…

And below are some suggestions from participants in my workshop…

“We liked the imagery of the great seabird as all different birds creating one bird.
The transformation of Sedna into the goddess.
How scared Sedna must have felt.
Loud deafening Squawk.
Powerful wings beating in anger.”

“We liked the images of the liquid potion touching her lips and sending her to sleep.
The bird-man being transformed from man to bird: nose growing into beak and eyes becoming black beads.
Her father telling her to climb down on her own from the cliff.
The parts of her fingers becoming animals of the sea.”

Arctic Sea Mammals Challenge

The are 12 sea mammals that live all year round in the Arctic Ocean. There are 4 whales, 7 seals and 1 four-legged mammal, can you name them?

The answers are at the bottom of the page.

Making your kayak

You need a piece of A4 paper or card, brown looks most realistic if you have any.

Cut your card or paper in half horizontally like this…

Fold it in two horizontally and then open it up, like this…

Then fold the edges into the middle like this…

Then fold all the corners down like this…

Then fold the corners down again like this…

Now, this is the tricky bit, you need to open it and turn it inside out carefully along the creases like this…

Until it looks like this…

Now you can use it to tell the story. It’s really useful to hold when the storm is raging so you can show it rocking on the waves.

You can decorate the outside of your kayak by drawing Arctic Sea Mammals.

Jake’s Step by step guides to drawing Arctic Sea Mammals

1 The Bowhead Whale

2 Narwhal

3 The Walrus

Can you draw Sedna’s Seabird Husband?

Can you draw Sedna’s Seabird Husband?

Remember Jake said he was a mixture of lots of different birds.

Here’s Jake’s version of what he might look like.

What will yours be?

The images below were posted on our Mythstories – Let’s Create at Home Facebook Group session on 26th August 2020.

“Huge heartfelt thanks for the workshop today – stretching our brains in creative ways and inspiring some imaginative drawing. We loved it.”

“Thank you for a great workshop.”

Answers to the Arctic Sea Mammals Challenge

The 4 whales are the Bowhead Whale, the Grey Whale, the Beluga Whale and the Narwhal.

The 7 seals are the Walrus, the Bearded Seal, the Ribbon Seal, the Ringed Seal, the Spotted Seal, the Harp Seal & the Hooded Seal.

The 1 four-legged mammal is the Polar Bear.

And other mammals who visit the Arctic but don’t live there all year round are:-
the Sperm Whale, the Blue Whale, the Fin Whale, the Humpback Whale, the Killer Whale and the Harbour Porpoise.