Nested Boxes are a storytelling aid for those more complex episodic stories. They are great for repetitive, ‘third time lucky’, tales where three brothers, or three sisters, set off, one after another, to accomplish a difficult task and only the youngest, who is the last to attempt the feat, succeeds.

Below you can download everything you need to make and use nested boxes successfully.

enamel nested boxes copyright John Grayson 2019

And here is an image showing a few angles on a set of enamel nested boxes depicting the sample story. They were made by John Grayson working with our Home Ed Group in 2019 as part of the “raison d’être” project supported by Arts Council England Lottery Funding, as part of the Mythstories Collection.

Making Storytelling Artefacts was created for the “Away With Words” project funded by

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The Kotura Enamel Nested Boxes now form part of the Grosvenor Park Academy Mini Storytelling Museum in Chester.