This post deals with making your own Story Sash which is ideal for telling ‘circular’ or ‘there and back’ stories. It also suggests other artefacts useful for telling these tales.

A circular story sees the hero go through many events, each time expecting to improve his situation, but ultimately finding himself back where he started.

‘There and back’ stories see a sequence of events unfold which are then retraced to their starting point.

These types of stories are popular with many pupils because they feature lists of events. One of the functions of the storytelling objects shown is to help with sequencing.

Below you can download everything you need to make and use Story Sashes and other objects to tell ‘circular’ or ‘there and back’ tales successfully.

The picture above shows how you can tell a circular story, the Little Cobblestone Maker in this case, with a potato. All you need is a felt pen and, of course, a potato (but we definitely wouldn’t recommend eating the potato afterwards).

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