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The Khavad, Kavad or Kaavad

Find out about the stories that are told using this intriguing box from Rajasthan in India.

Riverturtle Is Not Singing

It’s said a picture can tell a thousand words, this wooden riverturtle helped tell 1043 words.

A constellation of exhibits on Wild Edric

Why does a legend last? The artefacts and images that made up the museum exhibit on Wild Edric of the Stiperstones.

5 Prints of Shropshire Stories by Joseph Scrobb

Details about these vibrant illustrations of Shropshire Myths.

9 Paintings of Shropshire Myths

Details of the acrylic paintings at the heart of the Shropshire exhibit in Mythstories museum.

16 Canvas Panels of King Arthur’s Shropshire

Find out about the 16 canvas panels detailing King Arthur’s enduring presence in Shropshire Legend.

Auca, a 17th Century Catalan ‘Comic Strip’

Auca is an evolving tradition still telling stories today. See how Mythstories employed it to tell story of the ‘real life’ Robin Hood.

Bertilak & Morgan Processional Giants

Get the background information on how giants claimed a place in the World’s First Story Museum.

How Ganesh got his elephant head

The story of how an elephant gladly parted with his head to a much loved God.

Wise Words in Wild Places – 6 Llanymynech

View a film-story of “Ned Pugh of Llanymynech” and get site details and a walking route to plan your walk around Llanymynech Limeworks Heritage Area.

Precious Stone Base Metal / Edric Still Rides

Poets Dave Bingham & Kevin Bamford give voice to the characters in the enduring legend of Wild Edric of the Stiperstones.

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