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The Wondertale Maker

Walk around a tree to create your own ‘Wondertale’.

Little Pick Handle

An African tale dealing with magical transformations.

The Canadian Stories Constellation

Ten Paintings and a hinged oven door revealing a skunk tell eleven stories and show us how stories can chart the movement of peoples.

The Ramayana Constellation

The constituent parts of the museum’s Ramayana Constellation and a little about its creation and history.

Yama, God of Death & Justice

Yama the Hindu God of Death and Justice was the subject of two ‘Bargain with death’ tales in the museum.

Wayang Golek Puppet

Wayang Golek Puppet Theatre is a key part of the storytelling tradition in Java and Indonesia.

Mata ni pachedi (Temple Cloth)

The Temple Cloths of the Vagri community of Gujarat tell not one but many stories.

Ola Palm Books or Dashavataras

Information on these beautiful concertina palm leaf books from Southern India.

Customs & Festivals

Discover storytelling artefacts used in Customs & Festivals around the World

Textile Tales

How stories can be embroidered, a beautiful collection of storytelling textiles.

Russian Folk-Art

The rich Russian tradition of telling tales with folk-art objects was much encouraged after the Russian Revolution in the early 20th Century.

Three folk-tales from India

The stories behind three canvases of Indian Folk-tales

Victorian Wellington Storybox

An artefact created by Young Storytellers to tell tales of their home town.

Traces of the Tudors

A Story Creation Game in two different time periods which made a big impact at Mythstories museum in Wem and beyond.

The Mythstories / Society for Storytelling Library

Every storytelling museum needs a library read all about the one created in Mythstories museum.

Grace Hallworth’s Dolls

Trinidadian Storyteller Grace Hallworth told stories all around the World. Can you tell some of the Countries she performed in by the costumes of the dolls she acquired there?

Mary, ‘The King of the Fairies’ & the Welsh Pedlar

Why were two intricate dolls, a gnome disguised as a Fairy King and a folded piece of paper to be found at Mythstories?

The Epic of Gilgamesh: 2 paintings & 8 clay tablets

The epic of Gilgamesh was re-discovered on clay tablets in the 19th Century, here’s how it was depicted in Mythstories museum in the 21st Century.

Who Tells Stories?

Posters, photographs and a cross-stitch embroidery giving some answers to the question, “Who Tells Stories?”

The Flying Donkeys Storytelling Club Screen and Cartoons

These artefacts were displayed as part of Mythstories museum’s “Who Tells Stories?” constellation.

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