Mythstories’ collection of beautiful objects from around the world that can be used to tell stories, and new storytelling objects commissioned from skilled artists and craftworkers is being digitized and dispersed during 2022.

The Gallery Guides below show how the collection was displayed at University Centre Shrewsbury from 2019 to 2021. They include information about each object, its history and uses, with a few stories here and there.

The Mythstories / Society for Storytelling Library

From 2001 to 2022 Mythstories museum housed a growing collection of storybooks and folklore, together with taped reminiscences, archive tellings and performances donated to Mythstories or the Society for Storytelling by storytellers, their families and friends, and members of the public. This Library incorporated the Lisa Watts Collection and the Pat Keysall Collection.

In April 2022 the Library relocated to The Centre for Folklore, Myth and Magic at Todmorden, West Yorkshire, together with a copy of The LCIS Archive of Performance Storytelling. Both will remain accessible to the public in their new home.