Mythstories is embarking on a Research project called “Telling Our Stories With Museum Collections”. We’ll be working with the University of Chester, The Centre for Research into Education, Creativity and the Arts through Practice (RECAP), Storyhouse, Chester and two primary schools: Teagues Bridge in Telford and St. Anthony’s in Saltney, Flintshire. We’ll be sharing the results broadly! To quote from the University’s information to schools:

“The aim of the study is to find out whether the creation of mini-museums within a school setting, including the collaborative creation of and presentation of exhibitions, can enhance the learning experience of primary school pupils. These mini-museums will be created using artefacts from Mythstories Museum in Shrewsbury, and will engage teachers and pupils in the practice of storytelling. The findings will be used to inform future teaching practices and curriculum development.”

9th June: Our exhibits have been gathered together in a Staff Common Room at University Centre Shrewsbury so the schools can choose which artefacts will make up their ‘mini museums’.

13th June: Teagues Bridge Primary School chose their artefacts and exhibits which were parcelled up to await delivery to the school.

Packing the Gods & Monsters constellation
Two loads awaiting collection near UCS loading bay (yes that is a unicorn behind that box).

July: St Anthony’s, Saltney had to withdraw from the project and were quickly replaced by Grosvenor Park Academy, Chester.

4th July: Charlotte & Laura from Grosvenor Park Academy visited UCS to choose their exhibits for their mini museum, and took a car full of artefacts back to the school. The larger objects followed thanks to University of Chester Estates & Facilities department on 5th July.

Artist/Curator, Dez QuarrĂ©ll bids farewell to “The Talking Cat”
One car load, eager viewers will spot Bufeo Colorado raising his straw boater.

In late 2022 Teagues Bridge had to retire from the project and return their artefacts due to staff shortages and Covid pressures.

Mount Pleasant Church of England Primary School in Shrewsbury joined the project and, with the expert assistance of Storyteller Dawn Powell (who was herself a past pupil of the school) set up their own mini-museum.

Complete with QR codes…

And their own page on the Mythstories website…

In 2023 the film overview of the project was released…

and in 2024 the report was published by RECAP (Centre for Research into Education, Creativity and Arts through Practice)

The project is funded by the University of Chester.