Tuesday 6th September 2022 and it was time to ready Bertie and Morgan for their trip to their new home at Le Maison des Geants in Ath, Belgium.

Bertilak still in situ.
Curators Dez & Ali receive a blessing from Morgan as they bid her farewell.
Alex from the University of Chester tests his 3D scanner on Bertilak.
the test shows up problems with imaging Bertilak’s hair, moustache & beard
Morgan is ready for her 3D scan
Morgan being photographed from all angles to build the 3D scan
Morgan is dismantled…
…and packed for her journey.
Fellow GOG giant, Gogmagog’s sword is scanned…
…and packed by Mythstories trustee Jen.
Bertilak is moved into position.
After his scan Bertilak is dismantled with care by the UCS team and Mythstories volunteers.
His component parts are all weighed.
And the last piece is packed and ready for their journey to Belgium.

Post Script…

And on 19th September we received the photo below confirming Bertilak’s & Morgan’s safe arrival at Le Maison des Geants in Ath, Belgium.