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From The Grasp Of Death

Lord Yama knows exactly when everyone will die.

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Lord Yama, god of death, sat beneath a tree in paradise playing his flute.

In the branches above him sat his companions, pigeon and owl.

His four-eyed, stripped dog sat at the gates of paradise, half sleeping, half watchful.

The music stopped, it was time for Lord Yama and his messenger to collect those who had lived out their time.

Pramadarva was so happy on her wedding day.

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Little did the young and beautiful Pramadarva know that today she had reached the end of her oh, so short span of life.

In her innocence she was blissfully happy with her husband to be, a wise and handsome Brahmin named Ruru.

They watched her friends dance and sing for the joy that their future would hold.

Until a snake made it her dying day.

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A scream cut through the air.

A venemous serpent had bitten Pramadarva.

She laid motionless on the ground.

Ruru ran to her lifeless body crying out to the gods.

"Give my love back to me, did all my prayers mean nothing?"

Her bridegroom, Ruru, cried to Yama for mercy.

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All was dark as Ruru's upturned face met the gaze of Lord Yama's messenger.

"Pramadarva died at the chosen time. I have come for her soul."

"Can I do nothing to stop this?" pleaded Ruru.

"Give half your life and Pramadarva may live", answered the messenger.

Yama made a bargain, "half your life for her".

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Ruru eagerly took this offer. What was his life worth without the one he loved.

With an all-knowing smile Lord Yama let the bargain be.

Pramadarva opened her eyes, she was returned to life.

"I dreamed that I was waiting at the gates of paradise", she told Ruru.

Pramadarva awoke and the wedding took place.

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Pramadarva and Ruru were married.

The wedding was a great celebration, everyone was so happy.

Pramadarva's and Ruru's love and happiness lasted all through their so short lives.

They lived short & happy lives, 'til Yama took them.

please read it out loud

Before too long, their dying day came.

Lord Yama transported them both to paradise together, hand in hand.

And together in paradise, no doubt, they still dwell happily ever after.

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