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The Art of the Illustrator.

The first part of the story tells us quite a lot about Yama’s Kingdom. Draw the picture the description creates in your mind. Ask a friend to draw the picture, too. Are your pictures the same? What differences are there? Talk it through with your friend and see if you can work out why some of your ideas differ, and why some are the same.

Design a Dog Mask

Why not try making your own four-eyed, stripped dog mask? As the base of the mask you can either use a large brown paper bag or make a paper mache mould on a balloon. Here’s how to make two moulds:

Blow up a normal round balloon, until its about the same size as your own head. Then mix some wallpaper paste until it’s a quite sloppy glue – if you don’t have wallpaper paste you can make the glue by mixing flour and water. Dip sheets of newspaper in the glue so that the glue soaks through the paper, then carefully lift the sheets out of the glue one by one and layer them around the balloon until the balloon is covered with paper at least six sheets thick all over. Now leave it for at least a day to dry. You can tell when it is dry because when you tap the paper it will feel hard.

Stick a needle through the paper to ‘pop’ the balloon and then carefully cut the balloon into two halves – now you and a friend have the base for your masks.

Build up your mask’s face by using clean recycled paper packaging or cut out pieces from egg boxes. Old bits of material could be stuck to the mask for ears, or string for whiskers.

Then paint your mask.

Their Perfect Future

Pramadarva “watched her friends dance and sing for the joy that their future would hold”. But the story leaves it up to your imagination to think what the perfect future for Pramadarva and Ruru would be. Can you describe what you think their perfect future might have been?

The Most Important Day of Our Lives

Some people say that your wedding day is the most important day of your life. Ruru and Pramadarva’s wedding day looks like a wonderful celebration. List your ten essential ingredients for the best ever party. You never know, the list might come in handy one day.

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