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Talk No More

please read it out loud

The Great Father of the Indian Tribes watched the rain. He knew it would carry on raining until all the plains and forests were flooded.

He was the protector of all the animals and he would need to build a raft to save them from the waters.

He felled tall trees and bound them together for the raft. He upturned his great canoe to act as a roof to keep the rain off.

He gathered together all the animals. There was the Moose, the Great Grizzly Bear, the Buffalo and the Mountain Lion. There was the Alligator, the Wolf, the Possum and the Beaver too. Neither did he forget the Woodpecker, the Flying Squirrel, the Whooping Crane and even the Rattlesnake.

In those days all animals could talk, and when they were crammed onto that raft they certainly did. They moaned and groaned and complained of this, that and every other thing until the Great Father grew so, so tired.

The flood went on and on. The animals went on and on. The Great Father's temper would stand no more.

He raised his hands and cried, "TALK NO MORE".

And do you know, from that day to this, none of those animals or any other animals ever has.

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