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The Treasure Of Stokesay

please read it out loud

Long, long, longer ago than you should care to remember there lived two rich brothers. Now, these brothers weren't ordinary men but giants with fine homes and a shared, grand, oak chest full of treasure.

One brother lived atop the hill at Norton Camp, the other at Stokesay Castle. And as for their treasure, that was kept hidden beneath Stokesay Castle so none of the little people nearby could get near it.

Two giants, one treasure chest and only one golden key which the brothers took it in turns to keep safe.

And what happened when one giant wanted to count the gold coins?

He would bellow across the valley and his brother would throw the key, soaring over the River Onny and straight into his hand.

That is until one day when the throw was short, and the key fell with a glittering splash into Stokesay Castle moat.

In amongst the marestails the newts caught sight of the beautiful trinket and claimed it as their own. They hid it away in the muddy depths where only newts could go. No matter how the two giants searched they could not find the key in the murky waters.

Where is the treasure now?

It's still there, under the castle, but don't dare to go in search of it. The giants vowed if they weren't to have it, no-one else would. They put their pet, a giant black raven with a sharp, sharp beak to guard it. If you go in search of treasure he'll be watching you with his beady eye.

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