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The Treasure Of Stokesay

More Than Your Wildest Dreams?

Imagine you and a friend find the giants' treasure. Now you are rich what will you spend all your money on? Make a list of the first five things you would buy.

A View From The Bottom Of The Pond

The painting is seen from the viewpoint of a pond snail on the bottom of Stokesay Castle moat. Can you imagine what the world above water would look like to a fish.

Draw a picture and ask a friend if they think you're right.

Where Did They Come From?

The key in the picture is modelled on one found at the Viking city Jorvik. No doubt, you've all heard of the Vikings, but do you know where they came from? Three answers below are right, guess which and then click to find out.

If Only…

Stokesay Castle's moat has dried up so this story could not happen now. Lots of things would be very different if only a few details were to change.

Send us some one-liners of the consequences of:-

a. Children going to work while their parents went to school.

b. Television never having been invented.

Do You Know About Newts?

There's more than one kind of newt. Can you find out which three species of newts are found in Britain? (the answer is somewhere on the web site)

If you found that answer you'll probably know when is the best time to find a newt in a pond.

Is it:

Why not visit a local pond to see if you can spot a newt or any other wildlife.

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