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The illustrations for The Mouse That Grew and the story pages of The Story Of Manu were created as a result of a Mythstories storytelling session at Stokesay Primary School in Craven Arms as a part of a Cultural Sharing project instigated by The Craven Arms Partnership and funded by The South Shropshire Community Safety Partnership.

Storytellers Dez & Ali Quarréll went into the school to tell stories from the different cultures represented in the community around the school. There were tales from different parts of the Indian Sub-Continent, Africa and South America for all ages from nursery children to pupils from year 6.

When Dez & Ali left the children got busy with a dazzling array of different arts media and illustrated the stories they had heard.

The pupils illustrations were to go on display at the nearby Discovery Centre a week later as part of The Craven Arms Cultural Awareness Day, and some would be used as posters to advertise the event.

The event itself was a great success with people from all parts of the community coming together to share aspects of their diverse cultures.

As part of the official opening of the event Dez told one of the stories illustrated in the exhibition of the children's pictures and then the party began.

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