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O Mother Mine
(singalong to the music)

play the song

O Mother mine, spread me the silken sheet,
And let me lie down and cover me with rose leaves.

For love-sick am I, and flames of love consume me.
And if I die tomorrow, Mother, I beseech you

Call round me my comrades, the daughters of love,
And over my bier let them sing me my dirge.

O mother mine, yesterday our secret was our own;
Today who does not know it?

My love has gone far,
And now I would write to him.

If you deny me paper, I'll write on the wings of birds;
And if ink you deny me, I'll write with my heart's blood!

O you, who are climbing the mountain,
A drink will you not give me from the hollow of your hand?

In truth, I am not thirsty,
But I would have a word with you;

And it may be the wind will lift your scarf
And let me look full at your face!

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