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The Wishes Of Savitri Activities Page

Three Wishes

If you were given three wishes, what would they be?

Pictures of Other Worlds

Can you draw or paint a picture of what you think the land between this world and Yama’s kingdom, that Savitri had to run through, looks like. There’s a little bit of description, to get you thinking, in the story. But you’ve probably got your own ideas, too.

The Road Gets Rougher

Running through the in-between worlds can’t have been much fun for a young woman like Savitri, but after a wish the going got tougher.

Before the first wish, Savitri ran through the forest with the twigs of the trees clawing at her clothes and scratching at her skin. Her bare feet were blistered and cut by stones and thorns.

That’s bad enough. Now you make it worse. Describe Savitri’s chase before Yama granted the second wish.

It’s not over yet. Now make it worse still. Describe Savitri’s chase before Yama granted the final wish.

The Running Man

Left click on the picture for a print-ready version of ‘The Running Man’. But he’s not running yet. It’s your job to help him.

Print the picture on to card or thick paper and cut around the body parts. You can lay them out so the knee, hip, elbow and shoulder joints overlap. Try moving the arms and legs to make it seem as if the man is running.

If you have painted a picture of the in-between world, that would make an ideal background for your man to run through.

If you have access to a photocopier you can photocopy each different position. Remember the photocopier looks up at your picture, so you need to put the bits at the front of the picture on first (face down), and the background on last. Yes, it might take a bit of practice.

If you haven’t got a photocopier you could still take pictures of your animations with a digital camera.

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