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Robin Hood's Arrow

please read it out loud

You see that arrow atop the Chantry Chapel. Some would tell you it is just there to mark the Fletchers' Chancel, but I know different.

It was some years back when Robin Hood was in these parts, but here he was.

Some say Robin had a score to settle with the clergy here. Others say it was a challenge that made him do it, but do it he did.

He climbed to the topmost bough of that great tree on the mound out Bromfield way and he shot an arrow. He said he could hit the weathercock up on the steeple. I don't know that I could even see it from there.

Anyway, Robin's aim wasn't true that day. It could have been he was a bit off colour, or that the wind blew a sudden gust, but that arrow fell short.

He said he'd not miss a second time, but when he went to fetch his arrow it had stuck fast. He couldn't shift the thing.

After that day Robin Hood never came back to Ludlow again. Because there, bold as you like, on that church roof, is his reminder that not every time did his arrow hit its mark.

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