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Robin Hood's Arrow

He Stole From the Rich to Give to the Poor

Robin Hood was a very popular hero. There are stories about him in more places than he could ever have visited. Make up a story about Robin's heroic deed when he visited your town.

A Saxon He

Robin of Loxley was a Saxon Lord before Normans came and took his land. But who were the Saxons and where did they come from originally? If you can't find out why not try

A Different Perspective

Robin didn't like being reminded of his bad marksmanship. He would appreciate a different story to tell his friends about his visit to Ludlow. Can you help him?

Where Did You Get That Hat

Click here for instructions to make Robin's Hat. Click here and you can even make a plume too, to decorate the hat.


Robin and his men wore clothes of Lincoln green so they couldn't be seen in the forest. Draw him a uniform for life in:- (1) The Sahara Desert or (2) The Himalayas.

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