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Where Did You Get That Hat

Step A

Measure around your head. Halve the measurement and add 2cm. This number will be the length a-b on the patterns.

Step B

Draw out your pattern on card and cut it out.

Step C

Lay the pattern on green felt of another stiff fabric. Cut out two pieces of material.

Step D

Stitch or glue the two pieces together along the edges marked with a dotted line on the pattern above.

Step E

Turn the material inside out and turn up a brim at the line a-b above. Decorate with a feather or make a plume (see below)

Step 1

Take a drinking straw and a roll of tissue or crepe paper about 6cm wide. Cut 3cm slits every 1cm along the roll of paper.

Step 2

Use tape, double sided tape or glue to stick the roll to the straw. Start at the top and carefully spiral down the straw.

Step 3

Leave about 5cm of the straw showing at the bottom and cut off any excess paper. Run your hand gently down your plume to fluff out the 'feathers'.

Now all you need to do is fix your plume to your new hat.

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