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Sita In The Forest

Ravana, on hearing the tale, became enraged. When he heard of Sita's beauty, greater than that of any of his wives', he wanted her for his own. He would punish Rama by taking what was most dear to him, and at the same time get what he craved. He would kidnap Sita. In no time he hatched a plan and flew with a henchman to the forest.

Ravana's helper turned into a beautiful deer and appeared to Sita who was picking flowers near the hermitage. Sita was captivated with the animal's beauty and ran to Rama to ask him to capture it for her. Rama took pleasure in giving Sita her every wish and so followed the deer, which lured him deeper into the forest. Rama had left Lakshmana to guard Sita but suddenly there came a great shout for help. It was Rama's voice but it was not Rama, it was the demon who let out the shout. Lakshmana's duty was to stay with Sita but she pleaded with him to help Rama. Before racing to Rama's aid Lakshmana drew a magic circle around the hut and told Sita to stay within its protection.

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