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Overnight Ayodhya had turned to a place of mourning; all was grief for the loss of their prince to the wilderness. Sita and Lakshmana would not let Rama go alone but vowed to accompany him in his exile. King Dashrata descended into deep despondency and faded to his death.

Bharata went after Rama to tell him the news of his father's death and to offer Rama the throne of Kosala that he had so unjustly inherited. Rama refused to betray his father's honour and vowed not to return until the full course of his banishment was run. Bharata fell at Rama's feet and promised he would never take the throne or wear the crown but would rule over Kosala as a caretaker awaiting Rama's return. He asked Rama for his sandals and returned to Ayodhya to place them upon the throne until the day that their owner would be able to take his rightful place.

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