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The Anger Chamber

In the royal palace at Ayodhya, idleness had caused fears to breed in Queen Kaikeyi's mind. Kaikeyi, being the youngest and most beautiful of Dashrata's wives could always have whatever she chose. What would her life be like when Rama took his father's throne? Surely she would no longer command such a position of power and affection? Although she had no cause to worry, because Rama loved her like his own mother, her bitter hunchback maid, Manthara saw her fears and wrought an evil scheme. Manthara fed Kaikeyi's fears and they grew and grew until Kaikeyi was at her wit's end. Manthara reminded Kaikeyi of the two wishes Dashrata had granter her when Kaikeyi had saved his life. Kaikeyi had never taken these wishes, surely now was the time, Bharata could be king and Rama could be banished from the kingdom.

Kaikeyi went into the anger chamber; a room set aside for venting all bad feelings, and threw herself on the floor. It, as she knew, was not long before Dashrata came to her to offer comfort. When Kaikeyi told him her wishes he was thunderstruck, he could not break his word, how could she ask this of him? He was heartbroken and his future was now just dark shadows.

Dashrata called Rama to him but could not bring himself to speak. Kaikeyi wasted no time telling Rama the news. Rama accepted his father's wishes with grace, knowing Bharata would be a just ruler, and prepared for his banishment.

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