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Divine Weapons

automata of The Demons In The Forest by John Grayson

When they arrived the sage taught the boys the arts of fighting demons and gave to them the use of divine weapons known only to him. There was the wind god's power; the blast of Agni, the fire god; the thunderbolt of Indra, the god of heaven; and lastly, the most powerful weapon, the gift of Lord Brahma, which took on any shape or form and was the very noose of death. The boys mastered the use of all these weapons and learnt great spiritual knowledge from the old man. They were ready to face the demons and stood steadfast guardians of the sacrificial altar.

When the demons saw the smoke rising up towards the heavens they rushed in great numbers to disrupt the sacrifice but were met by the might of Rama and Lakshmana. The demons were filled with fear when they felt the blows of the noble young warriors. Rama killed the leader Maricha with an awesome thunderbolt, Lakshmana pierced another demon's heart with a spear of fire and the demons were scattered with the wind god's weapon.

The old sage bid them farewell and Rama and Lakshmana, now both men, set off to return to Kosala. On their way back they had to pass through the kingdom of King Janaka.

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