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The Final Arrow

The monkeys rushed at the city and set it to the torch. Meanwhile Lakshmana guided by Vibishana entered the city to prevent Indrajita performing his sacrifice to Agni. They found him and disrupted his offering. Lakshmana challenged him to a duel.

Indrajita rose into the skies in his father's chariot but no matter what he aimed at Lakshmana, that noble warrior turned aside. Tiring of the fight Lakshmana took up a weapon of the gods and, with a true aim, struck Indrajita dead.

Ravana let out a ghastly scream. Two brothers dead, one deserted to his enemies and now his dear son slain. He got down his armour with his ten golden helmets, called his troops together and led them out for the final battle.

Rama saw his adversary approaching and bade his troops stand back; this was to be his fight alone. He climbed into Lord Indra's chariot and went to face Ravana.

The battle raged furiously and there was little to choose between the combatants. One moment it appeared Ravana had the upper hand, next the advantage seemed to be with Rama.

Then Rama reached into his quiver and plucked out Lord Brahma's shaft, put it to his bow, and let it fly.

The arrow, like a winged serpent screaming forth, pierced Ravana's breast passed through his demon's heart and returned to Rama's hand. Ravana was dead.

A great sound of rejoicing erupted from Rama's army. Their task was done. Sita was restored to Rama and their exile was over.

automata of The Flower Chariot by John Grayson automata of The Elephant Procession by John Grayson Rama and his party returned victoriously in a flower chariot pulled by white swans.

Lights blazed from every window in Ayodhya to guide the King back to his rightful throne.

"Rama is ever pleased with those who listen to his story or who tell the whole of it, and those who do so will attain happiness like unto that of Rama, he whose deeds are imperishable, he who is Vishnu, the eternal, the lord. May prosperity attend you! Recite it with love and may the power of Vishnu increase!" - Valmiki.

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