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Surgriva and Hanuman

Sita continued to struggle but Ravana's grip was too firm. She knew Rama would follow, she had to leave clues for him. She managed to scatter her jewels from the chariot to the ground below hoping Rama would find them in his pursuit.

Down fell the jewels and scattered like rain upon Surgriva and Hanuman, two monkeys. Surgriva was the sun god's child and Hanuman a son of the wind god, they both possessed great powers and could change their forms at will. Surgriva was miserable, he had been ousted by his brother Bali from his kingdom.

Rama and Lakshmana had begun their search and had found their dying friend Jatayu. Jatayu had just managed to tell Rama all he had seen before he gave up his life. The two brothers headed southwards to free Sita ready to face any hardship that might confront them.

Rama and Lakshmana travelled on mile after mile until they found their way barred by a hideous demon. Rama took up his bow and cast the demon aside with a deadly volley of arrows. In so doing he freed the creature from a curse and it changed into a beauteous being. The being fell to its knees and praised Rama and on hearing of Rama's plight told him of Surgriva who knew the whereabouts of all demons.

Following the beauteous being's instructions it was not long before they came upon Surgriva and Hanuman. Rama was overcome with joy when he saw Sita's jewels, but the monkeys could only tell him the direction Ravana had travelled and not his destination.

Rama and Surgriva made a pact. For Surgriva's help Rama would win back his kingdom of apes. This done Rama and Lakshmana had the aid of all Surgriva's battalions and their allies, the bears, in the quest.

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