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Stories help pupils see places in different ways and having the countryside as a backdrop brings stories to life.

We offer storywalks in some of our favourite Shropshire places: Ellesmere, Colemere, Nesscliffe, Haughmond Hill, The Stiperstones or Oswestry Hillfort/Whittington Castle.*

Or we'd be happy to devise a storywalk from your school gate - be it in a countryside setting or urban environment - and then work with your class to create their own site-specific story**.

Two storytellers will work with one class. The class teacher should come too, together with adult supervisors in accordance with your school's health & safety policy.

Text or phone 07968 400144 to find out more

Cost per day 300.00 + travel

Cost per half day 180.00 + travel

Please Note:
* Whittington Castle will levy an additional 50 charge for use of their facilities.
** For your individual school storywalk we would need an additional day researching the walk and preparing the necessary Health & Safety risk assessment.

around Oswestry Hillfort "It's hard to think of anything to improve the visits"
- Mr R, Key Stage 2 teacher

"I thought lots of stuff, I mean I could see the story happening. I felt a bit scared, with the mud being slippy, and excited."
- Jade, KS2

"The project has made a much broader impact on the children than we anticipated."
- Jo, project co-ordinator

"Thank you for taking us on this wonderful adventure."
- Kirsty, Key Stage 2 pupil

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