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Oshadagea, Bringer Of The Dew


Illuminating doesn't only mean lighting things, it's also a word describing the process of decorating letters.

Often caligraphers or scribes decorated the first letter of the word which began a document. Illuminating can use very intricate, ornate detail or it can be quite simple like the first letter of Oshadagea's name below.

Try illuminating for yourself, you could decorate each letter in Oshadagea's name. You can even experiment with a different style for each letter.


Oshadagea the eagle flies high in the air so we can only look up and see him from underneath.

Can you imagine what you would look like from a worm's viewpoint? Draw your idea.

Eagle Poetry

Can you write a short five line poem describing an eagle?

Use the five letters of the word 'eagle' as the first letters of each line. These sort of poems are called 'acrostics'.

A Noisy Picture?

Paintings don't usually come with soundtracks.

If you were asked to come up with sound effects for this painting what would they be? Can you think of five or more sounds which might accompany the image?

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