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My Bark Canoe (singalong to the music)

(My Bark Canoe is an old Ojibway song, see if you can singalong if you cannot manage the Ojibway words there is an english version below)

play the song

Chekahbay tebik
Chekahbay tebik

In the still night,
the long hours through
I guide my bark canoe
My bark canoe
my love, to you

While the stars shine
and falls the dew
I seek my love
in bark canoe
In bark canoe
I seek for you

It is I, love,
your lover true,
Who glides the stream
in bark canoe;
It glides to you,
my love, to you

(The literal translation from Ojibway is: Throughout the night I keep awake, throughout the night I keep awake. Upon the river I keep awake.)

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