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The Old Man Becomes Young

Extend The Picture

Where is the rest of the shark?

What is the octopus' other leg doing?

What does Urshanabi, the boatman, look like?

Why not try to draw the picture around the picture?

First save this picture to your desktop:- right click on the picture - select 'save picture as' - then hit 'save'.

When you want to extend the picture:- double click on the icon on your desktop and the picture will open in your paint programme.

You can either:- resize the picture so it prints out in the centre of a sheet of A4 paper with enough room around it for you to draw or paint your extensions.

Or:- increase the canvas size of the picture and extend the picture in your paint programme on-screen.

Many More Fish In The Net

I hope you've bitten the bait and want to know more about undersea creatures. There's lots of information and even ideas for projects on the net if you search hard enough.

Here's a good place to start

Make Your Own Diver

What you need:-

A plastic bottle filled with water

A balloon

A pen top (without a safety hole in the top, or with the hole blocked)

A bit of sticky putty

What you do:-

Put a blob of sticky putty on the pen top just big enough to make it sink just under the surface of the water with air trapped in the cap.

Stretch the mouth of the balloon over the neck of the bottle. You don't need to blow the balloon up but make sure it has a little air inside so it's not flat.

Squeeze the balloon and the diver will sink.

Let the balloon go and the diver will come up again.

What's Happening?

When you squeeze the balloon you compress the air trapped in the pen top making it denser than water so your diver sinks.

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