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The Mouse That Grew Activities Page

Half and Half

Half mouse and half tiger – but what bits would you choose from each? That’s your decision. Draw a picture of a Mousetiger.

Like Them or Hate Them

Both cats and mice can be loved pets to some people and hated pests to others. Think of ten phrases to describe a cat – five to describe what people like about cats and five to describe what people don’t like about cats. Now do the same thing for mice. Remember, five good things and five bad things.

Now let’s think just how bad a Mousecat could turn out. Take your five bad things about a cat and the five bad things about a mouse to make ten bad things about a Mousecat.

Now take the five good things about a mouse and the five good things about a cat and imagine what a wonderful pet the Mousecat could be.

If you enjoyed that, you could try the same idea with the Mousedog and the Mousetiger.

Anagram Names

Take the letters of the word ‘mouse’ and the word ‘dog’. Mix them up and use them in a different order to make a new name for the Mousedog. Try the same with Mousecat and Mousetiger.

What Lesson Did It Teach?

The story ends ‘And ….. I shall leave you to tell me the moral of our story and how it should apply to the way we should live our lives today.’

Well, we’re waiting. What are your ideas of the moral of the story and what lesson it has for us?

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