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Mitchell's Fold

It All Comes From Milk

The people of Priest Weston were saved from starvation by the magic cow's milk. How many items can you list that are made from milk?

To Cut A Long Story Short

Mitchell's Fold isn't really a long story, but I had two reasons to make it shorter. Shropshire Radio wanted me to read a 30-second version on air. Also I wanted a version for a postcard, big enough to read but only covering half the back of the card so as to leave room for the stamp and address. I cut the story from 307 words to 93, then it worked for both uses. You try editing the story before reading my shorter version below.

Stone Circles

There are many stone circles around the country. Why do you think they were built? Do you know the name of the most famous stone circle? Try to find out more about them.

Draining Away

Water (or milk for that matter) drains into the ground at different speeds depending on the composition of the soil. This is called the Infiltration Rate.

Experiment around the garden to find where the Infiltration Rate is quickest. Take some plastic lemonade bottles, remove the lids and cut the bottles in half. Discard the bottoms and sink the top halves into the ground at various points, to make a funnel. Fill these funnels with water and time how long it takes to drain away.

What Does A Witch Look Like?

The witch in my picture looks like a startled old lady. In some stories, like 'Hansel and Gretel', the witch looks really ugly. In other stories, like 'the Worst Witch' by Jill Murphy, witches can look quite nice.

What would your witch look like? Draw or paint a picture of her or write a poem about how she looks.

A Shorter Version of Mitchell's Fold

The people of Priest Weston were starving when providence brought them a magic cow. It could go on milking and never run dry. Alas, the wicked witch Mitchell stole it and took it to her fold. She milked that cow into a bucket full of holes. She'd milk it until it dried or died. The cow had other ideas. It kicked Mitchell off her stool and into the milky bog the fold had become. The cow jumped the hills and never came back, but no-one starved with all that milk and cheese.

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