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Flood Recipes

Most flood stories share the same formula…

Gods are angry with people.

They are going to send a flood to punish them.

But without people the gods will have no one to rule. So they pick a good person to be the flood survivor and let them into their secret.

The survivor builds a safe place or leads his people to a place where they won’t drown.
Along comes the rain and the flood.

Everyone drowns apart from all those invited into the survivor’s safe place.

Sooner or later the rain stops and the flood waters start to go down.

The flood survivor’s crew find dry land and set about recreating life on Earth.

Use this recipe to write your own flood myth.

The Plop Parade

Floods are real wet events. Think of ten words used to describe wetness. Put them in order, wettest at no. 1, least wet at no. 10. You've made your own ‘Top of the Plops’.

Some Things are Obvious.

Manu’s seeds grew not only into plants, but also into people, birds and animals. Its obvious a kiwi fruit seed might grow into a kiwi and a seed from a monkey puzzle tree might grow into a monkey, but what seeds did other birds and animals grow from? Any ideas?

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