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The Disappearing City

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The Disappearing City

Even we, who live close to the old city, can't tell you why it happened.

It's said that Arthur's Camelot was built there when the Romans left, but I can't tell you that for sure. All I know is that before the year 600 came the city was empty. Not one grand person stayed to be its guardian.

The city was left whole, and people may say we stole the stone, bricks and slate, but we know better. You ask anyone around these parts if they took so much as a speck. I'll tell you their answer - "No", they'll say.

For what we can tell you is the sparrows took it. Great flocks of the birds came. They roosted all around, and more and more came.

Early evening brought clouds of them onto the roofs of the old city. They were pecking at the tiles, stabbing away at the mortar, you'd never believe it. By morning all that was left was that bit of old work you can see today.

We know it was them sparrows, we seen it with our own eyes.

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