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This site is designed for you to view with your young child. Young children are full of questions - we suggest you have a good look at the site on your own first, so you can prepare your answers!

The Index shows eight Shropshire locations. Click on a location to discover its story.

When you click on a location the computer will display a sequence - illustration1/words, illustration2/words, illustration3/words. The illustrations are black and white line drawings. The words are displayed yellow on black. This is useful for children with specific learning difficulties and people who are visually impaired.

While the illustrations are displaying you will hear music in the background. Remember to turn on your speakers! You will be able to discuss the illustration with your child.

While the words are displaying the soundtrack will "read" the story. Follow the words with your cursor, just like reading a book. !!Do not encourage your child to touch the screen!!

After the words have been read the screen will display two ducks. Click on the "read it again" duck to hear the words again. Click on the "This way please" duck to continue.

At the end of the story the "This way please" duck will lead you on to that location's Options Page.

Each Location Option Page shows a number of ducks.

Click on "What can we do?" duck to reach a page with an activity connected with the story or the location. It also contains links to the illustrations so you can print them out for your child to colour in. Encourage your child to trace over the letters of the words in the illustrations.

Click on "Singalong" duck to see the words of the song associated with the story. Keep your computer speakers on to hear the music and sing along. Teach your child the song and follow the words with your finger while you sing together.

Click on "For your partner-in-education" ducks to find information for you. Information about the location so you can plan a trip to the location; an adult version of the story for you to tell to friends and older children; background information about the location, the legend, the song and/or the activity and discussion points to chat about with your child for each illustration in the story.

Click on "More stories" duck to go back to the Index so you can choose another story or hear the same story right through again.

Click on "Sleeping" duck to go back to the opening page of the main Mythstories site.

You'll find "Back" duck at the bottom of some pages. Click on him to go back to the page you travelled from.

Click on "How To Use" ducks to return to this page

This early years extension to the Mythstories website was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. Click on their symbol to open a new page and visit their site if you want to find out more about Heritage Lottery and the other projects they have funded.

Technical Information

This early years extension to Mythstories' site is designed to use Macromedia Flash Version 4 or above. If your computer does not have Flash, click here to download version 6 of the Macromedia Flash Player and click on "Install now". It should take a minute or less.

To balance the volume on these pages...

Right click the speaker icon in the system tray (notification area) and left click on "Open volume controls"...or Left click on Start, then go to Programs, Accessories, Entertainment (or Multimedia), and left click on "Volume Control"... you will then see this control panel on your screen...

volume controls

To make the voice quieter pull down the Wave slider
To make the music quieter pull down the MIDI slider

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