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The Grizzly Boatman

The Bear's Side Of The Story

We heard a little in the story of how the bear might have felt disgruntled about the way he had been treated.

Can you write his story of the encounter with the trappers?

PatternsThe Grizzly Boatman

Think of waves, foam, ripples, drips, drops, splashes and current flows in the rapids and see if you can come up with a repeat pattern based on them that could be used for dress fabric or wallpaper.

Send us the results, we'd love to see them.

Eyes Like Soup Bowls

Can you draw Francois and Sylvian when they saw the grizzly come storming out of the bush towards them.

Remember they had eyes like soup bowls.

Devil's Jaws

"The Devil's Jaws is a great, frightening name for a stretch of rapids.

If you were asked to think up the name of a terrifying stretch of rapids, what would your three best suggestions be?

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