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The following stories were written by pupils from Lower Heath Primary School following a day at Attingham Park studying similar stories.

The White Lady Of Attingham Park

Lady Victoria Berwick, was a rich and beautiful young lady, daughter of Lord William Berwick. One beautiful sunny evening, Lady Victoria went for a gentle stroll through the gardens of Attingham Park, with Isabella, her jet black Labrador puppy. As she was walking in the garden, she saw a young, handsome man, it was the footman. He was sitting on the bench, admiring the beautiful rhododendrons. She went and sat next to the footman, on the old wooden bench, given by her Granddad. He greeted her politely and stroked her puppy.

They sat there listening to the peaceful birds singing in the grounds of Attingham Park. “What lovely sounds,” said Lady Victoria.

“Yes, my lady, there are so many birds, but so little time in our life to see and hear them, singing beautiful tunes,” replied the footman.

“What is your name?” Asked Lady Victoria to the footman.

“John, John Hill, my lady.”

“What a beautiful name,” said Lady Victoria.

“You can call me Vicky!” said Lady Victoria with glee.

“Would you like to come on a walk, with me around the gardens?” asked Vicky.

“I don’t know if I am allowed, to come because of your dad, he might find out!” said the John with fear of getting caught.

“Of course, come with me and we can fall in love secretly with out my Father knowing,” said Vicky with delight.

They walked through the long windy gardens of Attingham Park, holding hands, but minding who is ‘round the next corner…..

They were walking through the gardens on a twilight night with the puppies. But suddenly they heard a BANG!!

“AHH!!” screamed Vicky.

“WHAT WAS THAT!” said John with fear.

“I,I don’t know!” said Vicky full of fear.

They slowly walked to the end of the path and there was a shadow through the huge, giant and tall trees. The Dogs started barking and then the shadow got closer and closer to Vicky and John.

The shadow was now so close that if they move any closer they would of seen the real person they moved and inch closer and then they heard the noise again and was very loud this time…..

Then they went to the bush were the noise came from… and there was a short and fat person playing the drums.

“OOH NOOO!” whispered Vicky to John.

“It’s my Dad! RUN!!!” Shouted Vicky. They ran hand in hand, in an attempt to escape from her dad. They hid in a nearby stable were they could hide for the night. In the morning they went back to the house to gather up some clothes. Whilst Vicky got some Clothes ready, John went to get his clothes and he gathered some of the left over food from the kitchen…

As John walked through the Kitchen door… he heard Vicky’s Father saying “Bring me a pint of beer!”

The voice got closer and closer to the kitchen, John had to do something with all of this food and all of his clothing. He chucked his bag underneath the table, were all of the beer was kept. The door flung open and Lord Berwick Stormed through the door and grabbed his beer from underneath the table, but before he could reach his pint of golden beer he saw the bag, that was full of food and clothing. He looked at the footman, who was washing the dishes and scowled. He looked through the muddy, ripped bag to find a diary. He opened the diary and it said “Today I’m running away with Lady Victoria…From John,” He looked back at the footman now knowing his name “John.” But before he could even get angry with John, he heard someone coming through the doorway. So he slid underneath the table and he stayed there until the person came in….

The person walked through the oak doors and strolled over to the walnut table were the footman was, it was Lady Vicky, she strolled through into the kitchen and said “Come on my love!” John went to get his bag from under the table…..

Lady Victoria went to the door waiting for john, but as she did, a gun shot came from under the walnut table and hit john in the chest, his chest instantly speared out with blood. Lady Victoria ran up to the falling body and said “John, John, stay with me, you’re going to get th… through this.”

“ Don’t worry I am prepared to die, any way I want to die next to you… it was my wish!” John stopped breathing and that was the end of John…

Vicky sat there sobbing in a pool of red blood, her dad walked up to her and she ran away from him…..

She ran out side into the cool gardens of Attingham and ran into the freezing water of the beautiful river Tern….

That was the end of Lady Victoria and John Hill the Footman…

But not for long, she was seen again… just in a ghostly way. Every full moon she runs around the house, searching for her true love, John Hill…

I know this true, because when I was young I went to Attingham and saw the white lady, in the window running, to find her true love!

The end, but not for long…

By Rebecca and James

The White Lady

One sunny day Daphne, the beautiful and rich daughter of Lord Berwick was going to meet Alfred, the poor but handsome stable boy by the trees as usual. She was so excited, nobody else knew in the world that they were in love.

Alfred had got their special horses ready by the edge of the shady trees, so that they could enjoy a lovely ride together by the River Tern.

“Hello my darling I have been looking forward to seeing you, but my father can’t find out we are together” said Daphne. Today he is away till the evening because he has gone hunting!

“I know, my love, but let’s make the most of our time together now. Let’s ride away together for a few precious hours, and then we can watch the sunset, before your father comes back,” replied Alfred.

They got on their horses and rode at a trotting pace towards the river. The sun shone on them and their horses and they felt happy.

When Daphne was riding with Alfred, in the distance, they saw Daphne’s father coming back early from hunting.

Daphne loved Alfred very much, and she was very scared that her dad would catch her with her love of her life. Lord Berwick galloped his fast horse over to Daphne and Alfred! He had a serious and angry look on his face.

“What are you doing with him, this stable boy?” said Daphne’s dad.

“This is the man I love and I want to be with him always.”

Daphne’s dad was so angry he vowed to kill Alfred.

When Daphne’s dad rode back to the house, he slammed the door.

Lord Berwick was fuming with rage and his face looked like an animal’s.

He glared at Alfred and held the barrel of his gun straight at his face. He moved it towards his side, squeezed the trigger and BANG! Alfred fell backwards with the force, grasping his wounded arm. Blood spurted everywhere, Lady Daphne screamed. She was terrified and ran away, crying uncontrollably and she could not believe what her father had done. Alfred was wailing in pain and there was blood all over him.

Lord Berwick left Alfred on the floor to die. Alfred’s body was spread out on the ground and the dark, red blood was everywhere.

Lady Daphne ran quickly back to Alfred. She saw Alfred flat on the floor in distress so took him inside to rest.

They both fell asleep and then it was morning. Lady Daphne woke up and found Alfred dead. She was very upset and tearful her eyes were dark, red and sore.

She did not want to be alive anymore if she could not be with him. She went outside to the lake. The lake was shining in the morning, golden sun. The water looked calm and still.

She walked very slowly and peacefully in to the lake. She was happy because she would see Alfred again.

The White Lady now haunts Attingham House.

By Chloe and Amberley

The White Lady of Attingham House

On one beautiful glistening morning, as the wind blew gently, the grass swayed side to side and the river glistened on a summery shiny day. Lord Berwick’s daughter Elizabeth went for a peaceful stroll along the riverside and accidently bumped into her father’s butler.

The butler attended beside her on the rest of her stroll until they sat down on a wooden bench overlooking the riverside. The butler introduced himself.

“Good day Lady Berwick, I am Jonathan.”

“Good day Jonathan, but why are you talking to me?”

“I am assisting you on your walk, is that ok?”

“Yes of course it’s ok.”

Jonathan slowly and casually put his arm around Lady Berwick, and went in for a peck on her cheek.

“What do you think you are doing?” screamed Lady Berwick.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you scream Lady Berwick, I hope you’re ok. Are you?”

“Yes I am fine thank you”, politely said Lady Berwick.

“Oh look we better get back otherwise your father is going to be suspicious!” Jonathan replied.

That night they both shared the same dream, both of them were in the dream and so was Lord Berwick, the dream was about Lord Berwick finding out about his butler and his daughter seeing each other.

Lady Berwick woke instantly; she was so scared that Lord Berwick was going to find out.

So that night she went back to sleep without thinking about the dream, the next summery morning Elizabeth went down stairs to get her breakfast, while her father was still in bed the butler was getting everything ready for the feast and Lady Berwick said to the butler quietly, “We have to see each other more secretly because I had a dream last night and my father was in there, he also found out about us”, she said worriedly.

“Don’t worry dear, we will never get caught, but soon we will have to run away for the rest of our lives and then we can tell everyone we are married? Can we tell them?” said Jonathan confused.

“No, we can’t tell anyone when we are married can we so we need to keep quite, don’t we?”

“Yes of course!”

As they walked back to the house holding hands, Lord Berwick saw secretly that they were dating. Lord Berwick ran back to the dining room while Jonathan leaned in and gave Lady Elizabeth a kiss on the cheek, “Goodnight.”

The next day Lord Berwick made Jonathan clean the toilet. (It’s a bad job for a Butler!)

When Jonathan had finished cleaning the toilet, he met Lady Elizabeth. Lady Berwick sat on the bench where they always met, she waited and waited and Jonathan did not show, she waited and waited, but he did not show. Later she heard a scream echoing through the whole gardens, she thought it was the stable boy. Lady Berwick went home because it was getting late; she waited at the window waiting for Jonathan to walk down the path to go home. But he did not come; her Father came in “who are you waiting for? Not that Butler boy is it?”

“Where is he Father, what have you done to him?”

“I made him clean the loo!”

Elizabeth ran out of the door.

“By the way Elizabeth, I should have mentioned, I killed him!!!”

Elizabeth fell to the ground, her white night gown spread across the floor. Her Father left the room; Lady Elizabeth wiped away her tears and left the room, she ran down the stairs and out the front door. She didn’t look back, she walked in to the River Tern until she was completely under. She was gone never to be seen again. (For now!!)

Lady Elizabeth now haunts Attingham house, she has been seen in many forms and wails about her love who she is trying to find.

By Bethan & Martha

The White Lady

Long long ago, there was a beautiful lady called ‘Anne Berwick` who lived in a rich mansion called` Attingham House. She was deeply in love with one of the servants, Edward the footman who worked for Lord Joseph Berwick her father. Her father wanted Anne to marry a rich and brave man.

One day Edward the footman and Anne Berwick met up in the deer park by the trees.

Edward turned to his darling Annie and said ‘‘what will we do with your father just behind our back, we can’t let him know’’ ‘I Know, if he finds out he will punish you very badly!’ “We only have a short time together before I will be expected back at the House!’’

“Yes I agree” replied Annie, and they both hurried back to the mansion.

“Where have you been Annie?” said lord Joseph Berwick.

“Just enjoying the beautiful twilight,” replied Annie. Lord Joseph Berwick was very suspicious about Annie. That if she was keeping a secret maybe she is in love with one of my workers.

The next morning Annie Berwick woke up very early because she heard a knock at her window, she jumped out of her bed and drew open the curtains and saw her lovely boyfriend standing outside on a ladder. She opened the window and gave him a peck on the cheek! She said “you should not be here at the moment because my father is having his breakfast.”

Little did they know Annie Berwick’s father was walking outside having a cigar and he looked up at Annie Berwick’s bedroom window and saw Edward kissing Annie Berwick.

“Get down boy!” furiously he screamed. Immediately Edward came down the ladder. Lord Berwick came to him and took out his sword right at the top of his arm and slit his arm of very instant. his arm off. Blood came spitting out of the arm, Screaming in pain, Edward raced away squeezing his mutilated arm a blood trail across the foggy garden.

“YOU CAN RUN, BUT YOU CANT HIDE,” bellowed the Lord. He quickly fetched his polished shotgun (Olympia) made for destruction and climbed on his horse and galloped after him.

Edward was hiding in the woodland by the river trying to hold his breathe, so no one could hear him. Edward heard the twigs crack, he was to terrified to look to see who or what it was because he was suspicious that it was Lord Berwick. Edward started to run like a cheater to get away but it was no match for the horse and Edward was cornered and Lord Berwick took out his shotgun and aimed “Have any last words?” said Lord Berwick.

“Yes, DON’T SHOOT ME I will never touch her again” ,explained Edward but it was too late he was aiming right for his heart. And he shot 2 bullets right in to his heart.

All along Anne Berwick was watching and ran and ran till she reached Edward.

“Noooo!” she screamed.

“Why did you do this my one true love gone,” she yelped and tears came flooding down.

“One day you’ll remember me as a hero,” said Lord Berwick.

“Never in my whole you now you’ve killed my one true love I don’t even like now go away and leave me alone!” she screamed .

As Lord Berwick left, Anne she was so so so upset that she took herself into the water to drown with her skirt floating up and here self was never seen again apart from her ghost which haunted the mansion of Attingham house.


I know this is true because at night a year ago cctv picked up a women walking up the stairs with her skirt up to her waist and she was screaming Edwards name.

By Thomas & Kenie

The White Lady On The Bridge

On a cool windy Tuesday, when the sun was smiling on the manor. There was a boy and a girl. The boy was a simple servant called John, but the girl was no other than the lord Berwick’s daughter called Lady Elizabeth Berwick. They were deeply in love as they grew there love grew as well .One day Elizabeth’s father asked her “Have you got someone you want to go to ball with?” “No,” she replied but she had someone in mind.

On the night of the ball lady Elizabeth Berwick was putting on her turquoise ball gown. She went to the grand opening of the new manor ball room. Lord Berwick’s daughter looked Beautiful in her turquoise ball gown. Out of the corner of Lady Elizabeth Berwick’s eye she saw the lovely man and she thought he was the most hansom man she had ever seen.

There had been 8 mouths past and John was going to ask Elizabeth If he could marry her. On Tuesday the 11th may 1901, John was going to Elizabeth to tell her to marry him at the next ball but John was a bit scared because he think that she is going to say no.

Later that day they met on the bridge and Elizabeth Berwick father saw and he was angry that Elizabeth had a boyfriend. After a few days they thought they would get married. Elizabeth’s dad was so angry, he asked John if he can talk to him and takes him to John’s favourite place.

He took him to his stables and said in an angry voice “Do not marry my daughter or ells!”

John was very upset but he hatched a cunning plan, he was going to meet Elizabeth at the end of his work shift. It was planned ,Elizabeth was waiting in the cupboard, John was sinking up to the house but then lord Berwick jumped out of the darkness and fired 2 shots of his musket right in to Johns chest he clutched it and fell on to the floor with a big thud a gentle pool of red goo spreading across the grate mahogany floor boards .He then rode his horse down to the river dragging Johns corpse and he throe it in to the river with a big splash, as John sunk, Elizabeth was getting worried. She decided to go and risk getting him but as she was sneaking down she saw her farther gallop up the hill with his musket but he had no animals. Elizabeth was very curious so she went searching but she did not find him so she searched the woods.

As she walked across the bridge, she saw John floating she gasped she was so upset she followed him in to the water and when to the body that he lord Berwick shot. She slowly lowered herself in to the water and drowned her self. The two corpses floated together down the river. Her soul was free her farther was now the one searching for here but she was never found, alive. To this day she haunts the Altringham ground. If you ever walk over that very bridge you life will be hunted for eternity.

The end!

By Max & Ollie

White Lady of Attingham

It was 1883; the rain had fallen on what was forecast to be a radiant summer’s day. Jemima Berwick, the daughter of the lord of the manor, Sergio Berwick, was sitting in her bedroom reading a book, when she felt peckish, even though it was 2 hours before dinner. She did not want to call the chef since she knew that the servants were not very reliable. So she walked all the way to the sterile kitchen where she glimpsed at the head chef, Carlos Aguero, 10 stone of masculine exquisiteness. She tried to sneak past the chef to seize a piece of bread, she didn’t want him to see her in such a state, however she was not successful as the chef saw her and asked her why she was in the kitchen. He offered her a meal that was already prepared; she went all shy and answered in a soft voice, “Oh; are you sure?” said Jemima.

“Yes, it should have been for the footman, but they can wait a bit longer as you are more significant than them,” Replied Carlos.

“Thank you very much, anything for my lady.”

She walked of out of the kitchen and ran back to her bedroom, she scoffed the meal and hid the plates on the tray under the bed, and resumed reading her book, but someone came in “Dinner is ready my lady.”

“Thank you.” She knew she couldn’t go to dinner after a huge meal like that. But she went anyway. When she got there, every table was full of glorious food such as : Pork, roast beef, stuffing, potatoes, cake, truffles and more. Her father was sitting on the grandiose chair with his mammoth of a bottom.

Suddenly, her heartthrob walked into the room holding the shimmering plates for the lord of Attingham house. He winked at her with his gleaming eye just as her father saw the gesture…

“Who were you winking at” boomed Sergio.

“Erm-no-one-my master.” stammered Carlos.

I know fine well who you were winking at, now get out!”

Carlos marched out of the room in anguish and disgrace. Anguish because he did not want to be hurt for just loving someone. He hoped that Sergio would not find out the truth. And disgrace because he only wanted to love someone he couldn’t.

Back in the dinner hall a quarrel was to be heard.


“I WILL LOVE WHOEVER I WANT!!!” Jemima yelled.

The Lord seeked vengeance. He picked up his dinner knife and lunged at Jemima aiming to grab her by the hair.

Unfortunately for him he missed and Jemima ran into the kitchen where Carlos was sulking.

“Save me Carlos!” she cried! Carlos threw his body towards Lord Berwick, not realising that he was holding a sharp cutting knife. He sailed through the air and impaled Lord Berwick in the leg. But by doing so, he had landed on the dinner knife. The floor had become a pit of blood and Carlos was not moving his exquisite body. “Help” Jemima screamed trying to get out her father’s arms. She struggled free and ran away leaving the screaming, groaning and death behind her. She ran in to the stable behind the house and jumped on her father’s favourite horse and rode of into the twilight woods of weird and wonderful flowers. “JEMIMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Her father shouted, but all he could see was dust in the moonlight. Jemima rode on and on in the woods, the beautiful ginger horse shone in the night sky, but then she threw herself off the horse into ha-ha ditch where she broke her neck so horribly that she died instantly.

The End?

In the year 2006…

“Quick the news is on!” said Roberto, “Coming Rob!” They turned on the TV and listened in.

“Hello this is Bob Hail and we have stunning news. Attingham Park a mysterious white lady ghost has been reported in the woods at 16:13pm, the witness’ said that they were terrified and the ghost looked like a 18th century woman.” Rob turned off the TV “Don’t listen to that rubbish, I’ll be alright to go tomorrow.” Later that day the family went to Attingham Park to have a picnic.
“Come on Bruce, let’s go and play footy.”

“Sure Steve.”

When they got there they stood by the HAHA ditch “Don’t lose the ball Bruce!”

“I’ll try not to.” Said Bruce, but it was already too late and the ball soared through the air and landed in the HAHA ditch.

“What the heck Steve, look what you’ve done, your aim is worse than Torres on a bad day!”

Bruce then jumped into the ditch but he pushed over by a beautiful white lady on a stunning ginger horse with a gorgeous white mane.

“Hey!! Watch where you’re going!!!!” shouted Bruce, but all he could see was dust in the sunlight.

The End
(And this time we mean it)

By Ben & Charlie

The White Lady of Attingham Park

One fine evening at Attingham Park by the calm flowing river that shone in the golden moon light, there was an oak tree with green leaves with tiny raindrops dripping from them, next to it stood Lady Freya Berwick (daughter of Lord Peter Berwick the selfish, mean, rich owner of Attingham park that liked to show off to his Friends.)

”Okay, bye then, I will see you tomorrow, meet me at the bottom of the garden before the house is busy.” replied the stable boy (Stephen) .

“Okay, bye.” said the white lady (Freya Berwick.)

The white Lady tip toed down the long narrow path up to the giant back door and up the twisted marble steps. As she got to the top step, she tripped over her white silk night gown. Meanwhile her father was reading a book in his colossal room and heard her, so he opened the door slightly and saw her and wondered why she was out at this time. The white Lady walked in to her big golden room and her father quietly followed her. He saw her waving and blowing kisses at the window and wondered why, so he went back in to his room and looked out the window and saw it was the stable boy, in the garden and he was not happy. The next evening the white lady went down the twisted marble steps, out of the giant back door and tip toed down the long narrow path, not knowing she had got followed. She saw the stable boy by the oak tree with green leaves with tiny raindrops dripping from them by the calm flowing river that shone in the golden moon light. They talked for a while and then they went up to the stables to ride the horses. When they came back it was it was 11:30.

“I have got to go before somebody sees us, and tells my father.” worried Lady Freya Berwick.

”Okay, bye then, I will see you tomorrow, Meet me at the stables tomorrow before the house is busy.” replied the stable boy.

“Okay, bye.” said the white lady.

The white Lady came out of the stables and tip toed down the long narrow path, past her farther (who was hiding in the bushes) up to the giant back door and up the twisted marble steps in to her room. Meanwhile her Farther (Lord Peter Berwick) came out of the bushes and tip toed down the long narrow path up to the stables. He saw the stable boy there, so he walked over and held a dagger around Stephen’s pale dirty neck and whispered down his waxy ear.

“Stay away from my daughter,” demanded lord Berwick.

Before the poor defenceless stable boy (Stephen) could speak the selfish, mean, rich owner of Attingham park that liked to show off to his friends (lord Peter Berwick), took away the dagger from his neck and…stabbed the glinting silver dagger in to centre of Stephen’s neck and then Stephen fell to the dirty ground. Lord Peter Berwick’s suite was black but now it looked splatter painted red. Peter dragged the dead body out of the stables, down the long narrow path, and dug a hole and buried but the thing lord Peter Berwick did not know was that the white lady was waiting to wave to the stable boy but instead saw his death. The white lady’s face went pale. One tiny tear drop dropped on window ledge, then another, and another. She went outside and continued crying by the river. Her tear drops dropped in the water and made lots of tiny ripples. She cried so much the water level grew higher and higher. She stepped in to the freezing cold water, walking in until the water was up to her shoulders, her farther (lord Peter) was walking down the path behind her, and saw her. He ran as fast as he could, to get to her but now she was under the freezing cold water of the river Tern at Attingham Park, by the long narrow path, by the oak tree, with green leaves, with tiny raindrops dripping from them.

By Sam & Nicole